C2K Consulting would prefer to enter into contracted relationships with our customers so they receive dedicated service and 24/7 support in times of need. We offer a range of services from benchmarking to full infrastructure management as well as social media marketing and management.  Our standard service is $85/hr. with a $50 destination charge for those in the North Hills of Pittsburgh ($75 if you’re South or East).  If you have a specific need, please give us a call.

Contract Packages & Pricing

Complementary included support hours are remote and regular business hours destination support.  Of course, if your call is a simple issue resolved within just a couple minutes, we don’t charge you for those.  Every contract is required to undergo a preliminary Baseline process (pricing below).

Package Monthly Rate Included Hours
Bronze $500 6
Silver $800 10
Gold $1,500 20
Platinum $2,000 30

* We do offer a discount for those customers who sign an annual agreement with us.  This allows the flexibility of a discounted rate paid in full at the beginning of the contract or it may be paid monthly at a discount.

Emergency & After-Hours Pricing

Package North Hills Greater Pittsburgh Hourly Rate Emergency
Bronze $50.00 $75.00 $84.00 $126.00
Silver $42.50 $63.75 $80.00 $120.00
Gold $37.50 $56.25 $75.00 $112.50
Platinum $25.00 $37.50 $67.00 $100.50

Baselining (Contract Set-Up)

Item Type Basic Advanced
Windows Desktops $200.00 ea. $500.00 ea.
Macintosh Desktops $150.00 ea. $450.00 ea.
Windows Server $400.00 ea. Call
Basic Advanced
Install/Update Microsoft Antivirus (or Windows Defender) Install/Update Microsoft Antivirus (or Windows Defender)
Perform System Security Updates Perform System Security Updates
Perform Application Software Updates Perform Application Software Updates
Inventory & Document Workstation Inventory & Document Workstation
Data Backup & OS Reinstall (Windows software not included)
Software Standardization
Configure Remote Assistance Configure Remote Assistance

Websites & Social Media

C2K does not just support computer hardware, we have extensive experience setting up web sites and managing your social media presence.  Let us help you with getting your online presence started…or maintain it using our expertise.

Service Hourly Rate
Web Site Configuration & Deployment $125.00
Web Site maintenance $45.00
Social Media Entity Configuration & Deployment $125.00
Social Media Maintenance Call